The Stories

Cranberry Sauce! by Carole McCracken
A Musical Thanksgiving byPatricia Lapidus
Spellbound by Swanky Swigs by Terri Elders
This Moment by John McCluskey
Oh, Stuff It! byRachel Wilkerson
The Holiday of Holidays by Bill Clifford
The Thanksgiving Wine Whine by Amanda L. Carlson
The Thanksgiving Dinner That Didn’t by Courtney Conover
Thanksgiving Phobia by Carol M. Green
My Dear Uncle Harold by William Kenny
November 23, 1983 by Vincent J. Tomeo
Fry Dough & Sitting With Grandpa by Paula Timpson
Curse theTurkey—Pass the Pepto by Erika Hoffman
Dawn by Anna Jones
A Thanksgiving Anecdote by Charles West
Soup Attempt for the Soul by Patrick Williams
Blurred Vision by Beth Lynn Clegg
A Rock Castle Thanksgiving by Angie Reedy
It’s Not Thanksgiving Until Mommy Cries by Jan Underwood
My First Thanksgiving at Home by C. D. Jones
Mangia Mania by Lisa Trocchia-Balkits
Omi’s Turkey & Dressing by Carol J. Rhodes
Bird is the Word—A Long Island Thanksgiving Memory by Olivia Anne Caffrey
Thanksgiving is by Sheryl L. Nelms
Thanksgiving Obituary by Loren Stephens
Passing the Turkey by Marianne Lonsdale
Returning by Emily Pepin
Turkey in Crust by Barbara Boothe Loyd
White-Tailed Turkey by Erika Giles
Shanghai’d Thanksgiving by Fawn Hahnenberg
Thank You for the Music by Leon Contavesprie
Turkey, Shoes and Tights by Holly Rutchik
A Few Words of Contrariness from a Thanksgiving Hater by Charles Cassady Jr.
Our Last Thanksgiving with Mom by D. M. Wilmes
Hill vs. Hill vs. Hill by L. K. Hill
A Texas Thanksgiving Day by Dorothy Leyendecker
Forced Family Fun by Trish Brown Savage
Thankful for/on Thanksgiving by Suzanne Fluhr
Post Thanksgiving 11/27/09 by Angel Williams
The Starving Gourmet by Ashley Dalton Forsyth
A Thanksgiving for Two by Geri Turner
Not Just Another Thanksgiving by Kristi Paxton
Like Nothing Was Wrong by Zara Raab
A Manly Sport by Rebecca J. Love
The Quietest Day of the Year by Stephanie Russell-Kraft
Looking up at Turkey Day from Down Under by Amy Stringer
A Real Thanksgiving by Samantha C. Horrocks
Thanks for What? by Fran Alexander